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Tournament Schedules Now Available

The June 17 & 18 tournament schedules are now available on the schedule page.

Tournament Information

All Regular Season rules apply for the Tournament with some specific tournament rules.

Only players listed on the Team Roster provided to coaches are allowed to play in the Tournament.

When your team has been ELIMINATED from further play in the Tournament, please report with your team to the TROPHY AREA at St. Jerome School (Tournament Headquarters). As in the past, a Picnic Area will be set up at St. Jerome School. Coaches, players, families, and friends are welcome to attend.

Timbits players (ages 6&U, 4 Yr and 3 Yr) can keep their jerseys this year. 

The site will be updated with any changes to the schedules for the tournament including cancelation due to inclement weather.  Please validate that you use the most up to date version of your schedule.

If Tournament games cannot be played (due to inclement weather), meet your team at St. Jerome on Saturday, June 18th at the time listed below:     

Age Group Time
3 Yr. & 4 Yr.   10:00 am  
6&U      11:00 am 
8&U    12:00 pm
10&U      1:00 pm
12&U   2:00 pm
14&U   3:00 pm
19&U   3:00 pm






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Published Friday, February 19, 2016

Over the past year the Regina West Zone Soccer Association has lost several long term board members.  We need you to consider serving immediately to help make this season a success.  Please contact us to help.

Published Friday, February 19, 2016

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